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  • Systems supply giving various service to customers for sales activities of containers. Total systems Provision such as sales activities management, equipment management, cost management, finance manangemet, management analysis, budget and C/B. It is the system which is proved sufficiently by other shipping companies and which can support stable sailings as it has been set up with the best technologies.

    As a support tool for increase efficiency of sales activities and satisfaciton of the customers, it satisfies both companies and customers by support communication with customers and colleagues.

    CRM helps that organizations in the company supply the best promotins to the customers by timely and appropriate channels. It supports a chain of marketing process such as acquistion/utilization, storage/sharing of campaign information by using automized process and technologies efficiently

    The solution is the system to maintain containers, chassis, MS Set, etc. and it can simplify works, reduce works and manage equipment efficiently.

    Because the lack of understanding of shippers, it is very hard to manage and collect demurrage and detention charge occurred by delayed in and out of the containers. And Shipping companies waste now the expenses to a considerable extent. The solution is the system to maximize collection rate and turnover rate of equipment through efficient management of demurrage and detention charge.

    As the system is a product to inform the best movement status of the empty containers, it supports customers to improve work efficiency comprehensively and systematically by managing all of the information such as location, situation, distance, expenses, time, supply and demand the equipment, freight method, trustworty vendor, trustworty estimate, type and feature of the cargos.

    It has been set up to operate the liner system and the tramper system, basic bulk sales simultaneously. The structure minimize the problems with connection voyage occurred by tramper and it can increase the degree of completion for general profitability. The system increase works efficiency because systems are connected with sailing and sales, contract and calculate, sales and accounting well.

    It is the system which helps to decide the appropriate sales price policies based on the past sales data and which helps to decide the polycies of executives by creating the report of each performance. The executives can easily distinguish profit/loss status by the reports of monthly, lane, location, port, bound based on the accurate figures.

    It estimates and applies the expected costs regarding logistics conditions connecting with sales data as it is the system to estimate the logistics expenses based on the freight route and quantity in Booking and unit cost table. It is possible to estimate the expenses after two to three months from occurance the expenses because the expense settlement process is a time consuming job as a trait of shipping businesses. This system can get the expense estimation immediately after accurance. And this system can calculate much more accurate price by management and reflection all factors more than 100 which have a influence on the cost.